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In this page, you can select the tool you use with thumbnails.

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A : Popularity (Frame, Human, Photographic Technique, Antique)

A1 : Frame 1   Add a comparatively elaborate frame edges.

A2 : Frame 2   Relatively simple to add the frame edges.

A3 : Human   Are recommended for portraits.

A4 : Photographic Technique   Developing methods to simulate a particular shot.

A5 : Antique   To simulate the old photos.

B : Illustration (Illustration, Painting, Line)

B1 : Illustration   Machined like a photo illustration.

B2 : Painting   Converts like painting.

B3 : Line 1   Converts the color line drawings.

B4 : Line 2   Converts a single color line drawings.

B5 : Dark   Illustrations can be converted to unusual.

B6 : Subtractive Color   Or by reducing the color illustrations.

B7 : Coat   Reduce the brightness of the original image, apply a specific color.

B8 : Dot   Convert to a larger size.

C : Color Compensation (Brightness, Saturation, Gradation, Coat)

C1 : Compensation 1   You can adjust the brightness and contrast.

C2 : Compensation 2   Adjustments can be themed.

C3 : Vivid   Can be converted to the nines.

C4 : Color Fix   Change the colors a little.

C5 : Gradation   The intensity of the gradient by utilizing the original image.

C6 : Selection   To extract certain parts, the color of the conversion.

D : Basic Editing etc. (Format, Text, Rotate, Size, Distort, Gap, Adding, Blur and Mosaic)

D1 : Basic   There is a basic editing functions.

D2 : Size   The scaled.

D3 : Distort   Deformation causes a variety of ways.

D4 : Gap   Shifts sides.

D5 : Adding   Add a particular effect.

D6 : Noise   Tool for noise.

D7 : Blur and Mosaic   The entire mosaic or blur.

D8 : Etc.   Unclassified tool.

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